A Guide to Mini Fridge and Table Top Fridges

Both mini fridges and table top fridges work exactly as a normal fridge does, except they differs in size. Table top fridges are, as the name suggests, fridges designed to be placed on top of tables, and are normally bought for a specific purpose. If someone wishes to save some space in a room then using this type of fridge could be a great way to organise. These fridges are more than just small fridges so be careful that the fridge you have in mind is not a mini fridge which tend to be cube shaped. Both these types of fridges are normally judged on size only, which is why people can make the mistake of not searching properly for the right fridge.

There are a number of reasons why someone may want to purchase a mini or table top fridge rather than a regular fridge. It could be to save on electricity, because although larger fridges have more storage they also require more power. It also could be that a smaller appliance will enable refrigeration needs to be met without taking too much space, and freeing up some room.

Table top fridges are used to store a lesser amount of food and drink and are sold as cheaper appliances with cheaper bills on running them. Because of this, they are a great unit for two people living together. Both of these, and particularly mini fridges, are also very useful for the student or young adult buying their first fridge. It’s not only cheap, but a quick solution to finding a place to put your spare beers and keeping food cool for parties.

A table top fridge can be a suitable fridge for the work place with a smaller number of employees. Compared to the home minimal food and beverages are stored at work making it an ideal fridge. Having a communal table top fridge in the staff room can be a life saver; storing milk for tea or coffee, keeping staff lunches cool, or even storing some medical items for first aid.

You’ll normally find the cheapest mini and table top fridges at around £100 and make sure to check out not only its features, but its specifications too. Even though these are normally smaller fridges, it is a good idea to know what size you are dealing with, and its weight capacity too if it is resting on a table.

You can shop for the fridges personally at stores like Dixons or Currys, but the chances are you can buy them cheaper online, and see a bigger range. A good idea is to visit these shops to inspect some table top fridges in person; you’ll find out what to expect in a table top fridge, and give you an idea of what you want. At these stores you can see the fridges for yourself to get the best idea of how they look and may fit in your home or work environment. Some reputable brands that produce high quality small fridges include Caldura, Blizzard and Husky, although don’t be fooled by the common mislabeling of the different fridge types. My advice is to go by the size.

You might not find much difference between each fridge, and this is why looking at the specifications is important. The main spec to keep an eye on is the weight and capacity of the fridge. Typically you’d find a couple of shelves for storing food and there is also space for holding drinks, but on a smaller scale. One very popular model is the Coolzone table top fridge. Click here for comparisons and reviews of each mini fridge, and here for each table top fridge.