Fridge Freezer Spares Guide

Deciding where to buy your spare parts from can be pretty confusing. Its difficult to know where you’ll be able to find exactly what you need, and who you can trust to help you.

Genuine and Non-Genuine Parts Overview

Most people assume (quite reasonably) that when they order a spare part or have one fitted, they are receiving a genuine spare supplied by the manufacturer of the appliance for which the part is for. This is often not the case. There are many companies competing with the manufacturers to produce spare parts for the manufacturer’s appliances, and this can lead to a number of potential problems.

The design of certain components will often be copyrighted by the manufacturer, and as a result the non-genuine spares (or ‘pattern spares’) will often not fit as well. This leads to a shorter part-life and means you’ll be having to go through the repair process sooner than if you had a genuine part.

How Can I Tell If a Part is Genuine?

Some genuine spares will arrive in manufacturer branded packaging. This is a clear indicator of whether the part is genuine, however this doesn’t have to be the case.

I good way of identifying whether a part is non-genuine is by looking at the part number. As companies who build non-genuine parts usually cater for many different parts and many different manufacturers, look out for part or manufacturer codes in the part number.

For example the part number WP345323 could well be a non-genuine part, with the ‘WP’ standing for Whirlpool.

Are Non-Genuine Spare Parts Always Bad?

As companies supplying non-genuine spares need to undercut the manufacturer’s genuine parts, it stands to reason that the quality of a non-genuine spare is always worse than the genuine part.

Whilst there are items that will be close to the quality of a genuine part, it really does make more sense to order a genuine part in the first place to prevent future problems.

How to Find Your Fridge-Freezer Model Number

In both fridges and fridge-freezers, the model number will usually be shown on the inner walls of the fridge compartment. This is often hidden, typically at the bottom left of the appliance, behind any salad compartments (which you’ll need to remove). Freezers tend to have the model number listed at the very bottom of the freezer compartment.

In both cases, if you can’t find the model number inside look over the back and sides of the appliance for the model number located in these more unusual places.

How to Rewire the Plug on Your Appliance

As all pins in a plug are not all the same distance away from the wire source, its important not to make the wires all the same size, and this is probably the most common mistake when rewiring a plug.

Once the three wires are showing, hold each wire in turn over the cap you’ll be clamping them to and cut the wires to length. Strip back about 5mm of insulation on each wire and clamp each to their correct setting.

The correct settings are: