Caravan & Camping Fridges

Camping is an exciting activity to spend time with your family and friends. There are campers who enjoy the freedom of carrying their tent into the woods and being able to camp remotely. Other campers look for more of the ‘creature comforts’ of the world. They would much rather have a fridge in their camper van/caravan so that they can prepare a wider array of food.

Camper vans and caravans can vary in size greatly themselves. For example, some individuals love to be able to enjoy air conditioning and a full kitchen within their camper vans. Other campers simply want an enclosed area to lay their head down and get some rest. Fridges vary in size for the camper. The smallest of fridges only has one or two shelves that have room for a couple days worth of food. These are almost impossible to use for larger groups as they simply do not suffice. Whether you want to store your meat or keep drinks cold, it simply is not large enough.

Most of the fridges within camper vans/caravans are models that fit under the counter. These examples are seen in smaller apartments as well. It is easy enough to store a weekends worth of food for a large family in this type of camper van. While it may not seem like much, the more food that you can store, the less shopping that has to be done. Look for a fridge that does not require a large amount of power to keep itself cold. Depending upon where you are shopping for a fridge there may be some special camping models available. These are typically the best solution for frequent campers as they are easily able to be used in a camper van. The fridges run anywhere from one hundred pounds up to two hundred pounds. How much you spend is often based upon the exact size/features that you have in your refrigerator.

Fridges also are a great piece of equipment to have so that you can cut down on having coolers. While coolers may work in some cases, they are often heavy and difficult to move. A camping fridge can be loaded before you leave and ready to go whenever you need it. Best of all, it can be restocked so that beverages continue to be cold as well as turned off and retain the temperature. Most fridges are insulated. While this will not prevent the cold from totally escaping, your camper van fridge will turn into a semi cooler when not connected to some type of power. Camper van fridges do not have to be an extremely difficult purchase. They are easy to use and can be a lifesaver on having to eat out each night. Perishable food can be stored and you will be ready to eat whenever you want!